After the success of my last blog post “The Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Any Senior Who is Auditioning for College,” I wanted to show the Juniors some love too!

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, January of junior year in high school is when you need to start thinking about your college auditions! A great way to get a jump start on the process is to make sure your junior has the tools they need to get started! 

Here are my suggestions for the top 5 holiday gifts for juniors who will be auditioning for college (in no particular order). 

Training. If your junior is auditioning for college next year, and they are not in regular voice lessons, dance classes, and acting classes, now is the time to stop putting that off! With acceptances to musical theatre programs getting more competitive every year, individualized training in singing, dance, and acting will give your students a leg-up in the audition room when the time comes. 

Knowledge. It is imperative that juniors really begin to focus on their familiarity with as many plays and musicals as possible.  Maybe stuff their stocking with a few scripts that you’ve purchased from Samuel FrenchDramatists Play Service, Playscripts,  Stage Rights, or from The Drama Bookshop! 

Why not give them the gift of a live experience? Tickets to local venues to see plays, musicals, ballets, or operas! If you live in a rural area that might not have these types of venues readily available, consider a subscription to BroadwayHD. You can stream plays and musicals to your device for a low monthly fee. 

Summer Programs.  The deadlines for some of the more popular summer programs are approaching quickly. I encourage juniors to make sure they use their final summer before their college auditions wisely. Instead of a summer program that focuses solely on putting on a show, I suggest one that focuses on training and college prep. Pick a summer program where you work with college faculty from one of the colleges that you might be interested in attending.

Click here to check out my blog post on my choices for amazing summer programs! Meanwhile, you should know that this summer, there is an incredible opportunity in Orlando, FL where students can work with faculty from ten of the top musical theatre colleges in the country in a one-week intensive! Check out The College Audition Conservatory. 

The Gift of Organization! With the monumental task of researching and selecting your colleges from the hundreds available to you, it is important to have the right tools to keep you organized. 

Auditioning for a spot in a coveted performing arts program means managing a lot of information. Whatdoes it take to get there?  Planning ahead and doing your research is the key!

STAR, by Theatre Audition Advisors, is a fully automated web-based platform, that helps students and parents manage all the moving parts of the college audition process. With STAR you can organize, store and compare all your college search data in one place. Their robust database of over 300 different types of college-level performing arts programs will give you facts and figures about your favorite schools, and help you discover a wide diversity of quality programs you may not even know about. You can filter your search by location, school size, tuition, audition requirements, and other factors and have comparisons at your fingertips. STAR provides time-saving tools and automated reminders to keep everyone on track – everything you need at the click of a button. If you sign up now, you can save $50 through Christmas! Use coupon code CHRISTMAS2018. 

I feel so strongly about this app, that I now require all of my college audition coaching clients to use STAR, and I include it in each and every one of my coaching packages. 

College Audition Coaching.   I won’t lie to you and tell you that having a college audition coach is necessary to the success of your junior’s college audition journey. I would be lying to you though if I told you that it doesn’t make things a thousand times easier. 

Most of you will be going through the college audition process for the first time, and there are so many ins-and-outs that you didn’t have to deal with when you applied for college. Deadlines come MUCH earlier. There are several more steps. Though hiring a college audition coach is an added expense, in the long run, it saves you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in costly mistakes you may make along the way, and you are less likely to miss out on opportunities or closed doors because you didn’t get your prescreen audition in before all of the audition slots were full. 

Start by buying my book (a great stocking-stuffer, and currently 25% off through Christmas), and then reach out to me! Everyone gets a free 20-minute phone consultation who wants one, and I love hearing about your student, their goals, and their journey so far. It’s why I do what I do! 

If you’re ready to commit to a coaching package now, check out my Jumpstart Junior Package ($200-off through Christmas.) This package includes 12 coaching sessions that can be done in-person or online, a full year of the STAR App, a copy of my book, monthly webinars, and more! 

I wish you the happiest of holiday seasons and a bright and successful new year! Enjoy the time with your family and loved ones. Come January, it’s time to hit the ground running and start planning for college! 

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