Acting in Musical Theatre Masterclass with Joe Deer from Wright State University


Join Joe Deer from Wright State University in this masterclass to work on applying fundamental acting skills to your audition songs!

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November 21st, 12PM – 3PM EST


Online via Zoom!


This masterclass will focus on applying fundamental acting skills to songs.  This work lays the foundation for successful auditions, as well as performance and in-class solo and scene work.

Students should prepare two song cuts of one to two minutes of contrasting styles, though only one selection may be chosen to work. Piano accompaniment for those tracks should be played on a device that is not the same device on which you are attending the zoom call (i.e. if you are watching the zoom call on a laptop, please play your accompaniment on a phone). We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE students to use an external microphone to avoid as many sound issues as possible. In order to maintain the professional integrity of the master class, students should be properly dressed for an audition or master class setting. The student should take the class from a well-lit area of their home without background noise, and in an area where they can perform their pieces, visible from at least the waist up, with no visual distractions behind them. We also encourage you, if possible, to attend the class from a computer with a hard-wired internet connection, or at the very least, from a room in your home where you will have the strongest wi-fi connection. To maintain the integrity and professionalism of the workshop, if your wi-fi is experiencing issued during the workshop, it is up to the master class presenter as to whether or not they will give you the full amount of time allotted to you. We will not be able to refund participants because of slow or broken wi-fi connections. This master class is presented for educational purposes only, and Tim Evanicki Inc. makes no claims that participation in this master class will increase the likelihood of admission to the school at which the master class presenter is employed.

You will receive an email the day before the workshop with the Zoom link where you can join the class.


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