The College Audition Consortium

January 4-5, 2020

The College Audition Consortium, in partnership with Patel Conservatory, is the Tampa, Florida regional college audition site providing an opportunity for students to audition for the nation’s top musical theatre schools. Students should complete the application process with the listed colleges in order to receive their invitation to schedule an audition time during this event, and there is no additional registration fee required to attend this event.

The following schools will be in attendance and holding their musical theatre program auditions at Patel Conservatory. Walk-in auditions may be available for some schools.


These universities will be providing a 90-minute workshop on Friday, January 3rd at the Patel Conservatory. For the low cost of $25, you can attend as many of these workshops as you would like! Check back here for a link and more information as the schedule is completed.

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