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Coaching Package $2399

  1. Twelve hours of coaching time. This coaching time can be used for procuring your list of schools, general application and audition coaching, or to select and work on your audition material, prescreen filming, etc.
  2. A minimum of 12 Group Webinars with Tim Evanicki, which may include special guests.
  3. Access to The STAR APP, by Theatre Audition Advisors for the duration of your college audition process.
  4. Access to the The College Audition’s Class of 2021 “Band” on Band App, where parents and students can share ideas and ask questions of other parents and students going through the process.
  5. 15% discount on all additional workshops and programs offered by Tim Evanicki Inc, including all workshops, The College Audition Conservatory, professional recordings of your audition tracks, and more.

For more information, or to sign up to join our Class of 2021, click here to schedule a 30 minute Consultation with Tim Evanicki:

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* Services provided by Tim Evanicki Inc. DBA The College Audition (TEI) are of a preparatory nature only. TEI makes no claims that the client is “guaranteed admission” to any college or university program, nor does TEI make promises of any special consideration given to the Clients from the colleges or universities.

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