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Why College Audition Coaching?

We are the first ones to admit that you can absolutely go through this entire process alone, and you do not need a college audition coach. So why hire one? Peace of mind. You probably already have a voice teacher, dance teacher, or acting teacher to help you prepare your materials, so why do you need us? There are so many moving parts to this process between applications on common app, applications on Scoir, supplements on Acceptd, essays, wild card videos, dance videos, picking the right materials, scheduling live auditions in different cities, the list goes on, and we do it all! It’s easy to make costly mistakes that could mean missing the opportunity to land at your dream school. We work with your existing team of coaches, no matter how big or how small that team is, and we make sure that no detail is missed. We’ve gone through this process with hundreds of families in the past, and we have a proven track record of success.
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Coaching Packages

A La Carte Coaching

$175 per Hour

Underclassman Assessments

The College Audition isn’t just for rising seniors! As always, all underclassmen are able to participate in our workshops and classes to help them better prepare for the audition process, but now, Freshmen and Sophomores can book one-hour assessments any of our coaches to identify areas of improvement or to make sure that they are taking the right classes and training to set themselves up for success later! In this 90-minute assessment, you will sing 2 song cuts, perform 2 monologues, and share a short dance video with one of our coaches. After short works sessions, we’ll come up with a game plan for you to help you prepare for your College Auditions long before your Senior year!

Underclassmen Assessments
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*Services provided by Tim Evanicki Inc. DBA The College Audition (TEI) are of a preparatory nature only. TEI makes no claims that the client is “guaranteed admission” to any college or university program, nor does TEI make promises of any special consideration given to the clients from the colleges or universities.
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